Can You Use Sex To Keep Your Man?

So many women come to this site searching terms on google like “Will sex make him fall for you?”, “Will better sex help you keep your man?”,  ”Will better sex make him commit?”


This is like asking, “Will a child love me more if I give her a cupcake?”

Well, assuming most all children love cupcakes (men love sex), you have to take into consideration the relationship that you have with the child.

If it’s your child, then she loves you and will probably feel so honored to be receiving a cupcake, because it will feel like a gift of love.

If it’s not your child and you have a casual relationship, she may be very pleased and grateful to get a yummy treat from you, but it isn’t going to make her love you anymore than she does now.

Cupcakes alone don’t make a child love you and sex alone isn’t a recipe to help you keep your man!

If you are married and want your husband’s affections, then show more excitement in the bedroom.  Husbands love and need that.  (Sex is a way of expressing love to men in committed relationships).

If you have a boyfriend who is crazy about you, do the same.

If you have a boyfriend who seems like he’s drifting away from you, you need to communicate about the relationship, not just get tarted up in some lingerie and hope that brings him back.  He could be feeling like other areas besides the sex are the problem, and if that’s true, sex with you will make him feel even more guilty and unsure.

If you are sleeping with a man who has not given you sexual exclusivity, than no amount of sex is going to enable you to keep your man.

In fact, the opposite is more likely.  If you can put your foot down and your boundaries up, and tell the man you love that he ain’t gettin’ the milk for free no more and needs to buy the cow, then you may make him feel like your price tag went up.  This will make you more desirable.  And if he just walks out the door because no-strings sex has become “stringy”, then all the better that he left!

My eProgram for women, Inspire His Love for You has a whole section dedicated to hot sex and being a wonderful lover.  The program also has sections dedicated to raising your standards of what you will and won’t accept from a man and how to lovingly (and EFFECTIVELY) communicate what you need and want from him.